Wavelengths is a collection of crochet patterns designed in Toronto, Canada by Emilie Young. 

Emilie began her affinity for crochet several years ago to get her eyes off screens and keep her hands busy. She quickly fell in love with the endless possibilities to create through the medium of crochet, and before she knew it, she had brought Wavelengths from daydream to reality.

However, it wasn’t until 2020, when she designed her first pattern – the Mavety Sweater – that things really started to take off. The Mavety Sweater was perfect as a customizable beginner-friendly pattern. Since then, she’s brought an impressive range of designs to fruition with the help of her incredible community of pattern testers. 

You’ll quickly realize that Emilie is a big fan of the mesh stitch, which is reoccurring in most of Wavelength’s patterns. She always says, “once you try it, I know you’ll love it too!”

With most of Wavelength’s patterns being beginner-friendly, she’s put together a number of tutorial and informative videos on Youtube, with many more in the works to come!

We’d love to see your WIPs and finished pieces! It brings us so much joy to see your interpretations of Wavelength’s patterns. Feel free to tag us on Instagram and TikTok (@_wavelength on both). 

We’re humbled that you’ve made it this far to read about the Wavelength’s journey, and look forward to having you in our community!